About us
Azienda Agricola Casalvento di Cerreto Guidi mainly produces and sells wine and extra virgin olive oil.

Itís primarily a company of people, where you keep the awareness that itís the hand and heart of man that makes the difference. It is in fact the care of the smallest details that determines the character, soul and body of the wines as well as the great quality of the oil.
Our Lands
The lands of the farm Casalvento are located in a sufficiently large territory, to ensure the ideal environment for the different types of vines that are cultivated.
These vineyards are located exclusively in the hills, in the municipality of Cerreto Guidi, only 40 km from Florence; where the soil is cultivated as a vineyard is an integral part of the spectacular landscape of this municipality.
The optimal environmental conditions of these hills encourage the development of the vine and the...
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Musignano′s Farmhouse
Azienda Agricola Casalvento also owns the Musignano Farm, in Cerreto Guidi of Florence, a farmhouse near Vinci, Fucecchio and Montecatini Terme with an attached restaurant, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.
Dichiaro di aver letto e di accettare i termini e le condizioni
Azienda Agricola Casalvento
di Aldo Baronti
Via Marmoreccia 1, 50050 Cerreto Guidi
Tel: 0571586249
Baronti Andrea: 3477025389
Baronti Desi: 3297908598
Email: info@casalvento.com
P.IVA: 04864890480