The Wine Cellar

Given that the are varying opinions o n the ideai conditions for the perftct celiar conditions, there are certain base standards that have to be respected. Wìne, being a delicate substance and in constant evolution, needs to be conserved in a protected environment, but a/so well venti!ated, with a certain degree of humidity, with access to fresh air and protected from 11ibrations and bad odours.
For these reasons we have chosen the exactly location of our cellars.


Based on the experience acquired with time we have come to the conclusion that humidity is an inconstant foctor and needs to be kept strictly under control.


The temperature has to be maintained at a constant leve/ throughout the year, rapid changes can be extremely damaging and change the quality of the wine itself. If the temperature is too high, the wine develops more quickly and on the contrary, if the temperature is too low the acid content can decrease aggressively impoverishing the quality of the wine.


The cellar has to be dark, in effect light is energy , that if accumulated, provokes the falling levels of the polifenols in the wine and in consequence can cause a precocious ageing of the wine


Wine has the property of absorbing , odours and thereby it is necessary to avoid the presence ofstrange smells in the environment.